picshirtThe lesson plans and children’s activities that accompany this kit may be
tailored to fit all elementary grades. Actual objects in the kit include a
baby or doll-sized traditional boy’s Iroquois outfit,
a girl doll in a cradleboard, a ring and pin game that can be replicated by
you, using reusable materials found at home and school, plus more! Chosen
for their accuracy and authentic information, educational resources include
books, videos, and posters that illustrate Native American history and
culture from an Akwesasne Mohawk perspective.


  • Touch a “thistle” basket made from black ash splint and sweet grass while
    you learn about the award-winning basket makers of Akwesasne.
  • Use a flannel board that is filled with Iroquois symbolism.
  • Fill your classroom walls with posters based on Iroquois culture.
  • Listen to Iroquois legends and songs on audiotape, watch Iroquois dances on
  • See Mohawk students as they sit in their classroom – just like yours – on

pickastowaAvailable to schools and other organizations for rental periods of one
The customer is responsible for all shipping costs, insurance and
replacement of any lost or damaged goods. The security deposit will be
returned to the customer by the Akwesasne Museum upon receipt of each
returned and undamaged educational kit.