They arrive at your door with wide smiles and open hearts. Yeah, they might have some detergents by their sides as well. They enter and start cleaning with passion on the instant. You are just looking around puzzled, but in awe, too, not being able to understand what is going on, not being able to understand how is this working indeed, how could cleaning be so much fun, so easy, so fast, so freaking amazing. They leave an hour later and you are left wondering, what is this power that made them do their work so professionally and skillfully, are they magicians, wizards, fairies? Staying shocked in the middle of your flat, you are shocked. But then you calm down and start thinking a bit more rationally. For God sake, they are human beings just like we all are and this means that if they could do it, we could as well. Maybe there is a secret, well kept, all the best end of tenancy cleaners around the world are aware of. Maybe there are some tricks and tips, or maybe there are just a few weapons, they know how to use. Yeah, those weapons we dream to steal and to use so as to have an always perfect looking home and an easy going inspection right before the next move out.

The efficient and strong detergents

Well, I doubt that there is a person, who hasn’t realized that a cleaner with no cleaning product, could achieve nothing. That is the truth. But when we are talking about detergents, we should be more specific. There are thousands of them on the shelves in the supermarkets, they are being advertised and recommended, but are they so effective indeed? In most of the cases, not. The products professionals are using are less popular and are not on the top shelf, they can be found in those sections, you almost always neglect. But if you are looking for them, I bet you’ll find the right one.

Techniques, patience, assiduity

Every time you start cleaning, you are so negative about it, irritated and angry, thinking of the lovely weather outside, of the beautiful experience in the park you could have instead of staying on your knees and washing the

tiles. What makes the experts more efficient is also their attitude. They are patient and persistent. They don’t give up and because they are calm and take it easy, they are able to use all those techniques that make the clean-ups less time-consuming. So next time, think about the expected result and find the right motivation, instead of going mad.

The experience

And here, my friends is the thing, which unfortunately makes all the cleaners one of a kind. Their experience. Working in for one of the best London’s end of tenancy cleaning company, each of them faces hundred cleaning problems and situations every week and what he learns after that is something you cannot learn, while you are in your office. So admit it, sometimes it is better to trust those, who will clean flawlessly.

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